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Advanced Data & Dimensional Modeling Course Data Modeling is an important aspect of any Database building exercise, whether this database is used for e-commerce application, retail application, telecom application or any software product which uses the data. A good data model provides a robust and future-proof mechanism for data management. Dimensional Modeling is at the core of Data warehouse development as it dictates the overall architecture of Data warehouse database and helps in identifying the subject areas and a common bus which would connect all subject areas. This will give a clear understanding of how to deal with Data warehouse related issues like performance, data quality etc. This course is designed to give a learner the end to end knowledge on Data modeling for general database applications and Dimensional Modeling for Data warehouse development. Course Objective After completion of this course, you will be able to: 1. Learn basics of Data Modeling, Normalization and Entity Relationship framework. 2. Learn why the concept of Subtypes/Supertypes is important for Data Modeling. 3. Learn about Conceptual Data Model, Logical Database Design and Physical Database Design. 4. Learn about building blocks of Dimensional Modeling. 5. Learn in-depth about Slowly Changing Dimensions. 6. Learn about Snowflake, Outriggers, Hierarchy and Bridge Table. 7. Learn how to handle the Late-Arriving Dimension Records. 8. Learn about Transactions, Snapshots, and Accumulating Snapshots fact tables. 9. Learn about Factless Fact Tables. 10. Learn how to Design the Dimensional Model. 11. Learn some important tips to deal with Dates, Indexing and Keys.. 12. Learn how it is important to have a separate fact table for each process. 13. Learn in-depth about Conformed Dimensions. 14. Learn about Hierarchies in detail. 15. Learn about Multi-Valued Dimensions. 16. Learn how to make dimensional design more intelligent by using a Core Star and Custom Star concepts. 17. Learn about Derived Schemas and Aggregates. 18. Carry out an end to end Data Modeling project by using ERwin tool. 19. Learn how data model and dimensional models are implemented in Retail and Telecom domains as we will take up case studies from these domains. Why is it the right course for you? If you want to get deep knowledge on Data Modeling and Dimensional Modeling then this is the right course for you. This course is particularly suited for BI and Datawarehousing professional as it would open up the opportunities in Data design.


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