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Gamma Enterprises is a company dedicated to producing the highest quality, highly effective all-natural nutrition supplements for weight loss, cardiovascular health, healthy liver function and overall well-being. It was founded by Dr. Dmitri Petrichenko, MD — a New York-based pain management specialist affectionately known by his patients as Dr. D and affiliated with New York Community Hospital of Brooklyn and Meadowland Hospital in New York. In his 20 years of experience treating patients with a wide range of conditions, Dr. D found that most pain is a symptom caused by systemic disorders such as high blood sugar, depression, anxiety, and an increased level of brain neurotransmitters. Experimenting with various treatments led Dr. D to develop his own line of all-natural organic herb and plant-based supplements that helped treat not just the symptoms, but also the cause of most conditions causing pain. Patients reported not only reduced pain, but also feeling more energetic, healthy and alive.



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