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GP Hair Salon and Day Spa, also known as Green Planet is the new Star in the Galaxy of Beauty Industry, “Green Planet” – Is the Beauty Salon / Day Spa, creating an ideal image on the basis of the newest techniques and being guided by the basic fashion trends. Our employees are the masters of the highest level with an education from the best schools of Europe and North America. In “Green Planet” you will experience the highest degree of service and expertise at affordable prices. We are located on Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn. You can also get acquainted with the interior and the wonderful atmosphere of coziness. People here come here to relax and unwind from everyday hustle and bustle of the city. You relax your body and soul, get a professional service. When a woman realizes that she looks good - her job, her business and personal life becomes harmonious and successful. Shop interra executed in shades of green. Green color in the interior - it s part of nature into any home. Its ambiguity stems from the fact that he is out of the blue (cold) and yellow (warm) colors. These are the colors of the sky and the sun, which merge together to give life. Green - this is traditionally the color of life and lush growth. Use of juicy green color in the interior is associated with nature, trees, grass and leaves, which is why he is able to relax, calm down, evoke pleasant thoughts. The use of muted green tones helps focus and concentration.

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