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Gauntlet is a private funding group comprised of experienced and knowledgeable industry professionals. We specialize in distressed asset financing and private lending and we’ve financed all sorts of commercial and residential properties regardless of what situation or condition they’re currently in. From construction projects to short sales and REOs, Gauntlet has been in the industry for the past 20 years providing excellent quality of service. Gauntlet funding is a company that suits the needs of today’s investors and benefit both the professional realtors as well as the high volume experienced investors. We offer flexible private lending programs that include anything from multi-unit commercial properties to one to four family residential properties. Gauntlet Funding is a full-service direct lender and NOT a broker, so you can always rely on us expert advice, fast closings and quick decisions. We provide competitive rates and terms for commercial and residential mortgages as well as our Private Money Programs. Gauntlet Funding is a multi-million dollar backed investment company that’s fully dedicated to it’s clients. We provide industry expertise as well as quick closing terms, and when it comes to our business decision making, we don’t use any “middlemen”, brokers or 3rd parties. You will always be dealing directly with us at Gauntlet Funding since we make all the decisions on properties that we approve to finance, partner, purchase or sell.

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