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Established in 2018, The Watch Company has built up to one central e-commerce website facility. You can buy online one our website or amazon online store. Uniqueness is the motto of E157. Founded by Ajinkya Bandamantri who is modern day horological lover and enthusiast with unique thinking. He been sourcing the world from 2008 finding unclear, offbeat brands that you have doubtlessly never heard of as well as seriously curating the brand you like. Seller of wrist borne time machine, E157 is a extraordinary source of modern wrist watches from around the globe. A wrist watches imply a lot about you & help you to be unique. It’s time for you to be unique. We think that the current modern watches act for more than only a functional system to show time. The E157 is a different state of art, design and personality. We have had a far-standing mission of deliver unique & inexpensive anticlockwise wrist watches to brave and enthusiasts as your self. As a quantity one selling separate online website, we plan to stick true to our main mission.

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Bringing you the unification of the original wrist watch fashion fusion with all new age stunning looks and our state of the art design that suits every look fashion and gender With all the fundamentals of the visual appearance we bet that this new watch will suit your wrist undoubtedly.

Webbaniya.com - B2B MarketPlace

We are not providing you with just another wrist watch but a brain companion that tackles your brain for a good reason and make it think a little extensively every ones you look for the time This will remind you about the path of uniqueness and extra ordiance that you have chosen to be on Keep on track and take your brain to the next level of thinking.



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