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Well Spring Counseling is the community s oldest privately owned mental health counseling center. We offer interactive, solution-focused therapy for adults and children dealing with issues of depression, anxiety, trauma, relationships (couples, parent-child, co-workers, supervisor-subordinate, etc.), adolescents, addictions (including substance abuse, pornography, gaming and internet addictions), ADHD and other concerns. We pride ourselves in supporting the client (who is the expert on the client) as the person who is in charge of the session. We take the position of being the adept and professional assistant to the expert. We work hard to approach our counseling from the client s perspective and their value system. We use what is important to the client for support and help., Solution-focused therapy means that we begin with the end in mind; the client establishes what the end looks like. It is our job to help the client to reach those goals as efficiently and as quickly as possible. Our desire is to help the person get what (s)he wants sooner than if they had received counseling anywhere else., Well Spring Counseling is the only agency in the area where every clinician is credentialed as a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional. We believe we treat trauma better and more effectively than anyone in the region and have data to show our effectiveness. We use a brief and amazingly effective technique to decrease the symptoms of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder symptoms called BIRRT (Brief Imagery Rescripting and Reprocessing Therapy)., This counseling center is veteran owned. Bob Stahn served seven years as an officer in the USAF and was stationed in Turkey during Desert Storm. He was also stationed in New Hampshire and Ramstein AB Germany., We invite you to get your needs met at Well Spring Counseling. We are confident that you will have an excellent experience.

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