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We empower radiologists and Diagnostic Centers with AI tools that helps them differentiate their practice with automated, objective and illustrative reports.

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Synapsica Spindle: Spindle is our AI reporting assistant for MRI Spine. It generates preliminary reports with necessary spinal measurements and characterisation of degenerative changes. - B2B MarketPlace

SpindleX is a revolutionary AI reporting assistant for spinal stress X-Rays. It generates fully automated reports that quantify all abnormalities and features of injuries or early degeneration. - B2B MarketPlace

Crescent is our AI reporting assistant for Chest X Rays. It first identifies bad quality scans so they can be rejected at source, then automatically identifies and generates reports for normal radiographs to ease out load at x-ray heavy centers. - B2B MarketPlace

Radiolens is our cloud based RIS/PACS system that also hosts all our AI solutions for more efficient Radiology workflow. It is among the fastest cloud PACS systems available and perfectly suits remote reporting requirements of multi-center organizations.



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