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Meta, Google, and others are working on similar projects with names like Project Iris and Nazare, but now Gurman reports Apple s plan to release a set of glasses following the launch of its first mixed reality project — a high-end headset set to debut this year — had already slipped from 2023 to 2025 and is now on hold. Ready or not, the Glassholes are coming back That pricing doesn’t suggest widespread adoption, and the availability of mixed-reality headsets is just around the corner. Still, Apple’s typical high-end hardware strategy aligns better with that than launching something similar to Meta’s cheapest Quest VR headsets. The other bad sign is that if creating a set of lightweight, all-day wearable AR glasses is currently out of reach for Apple for “technical challenges,” it gets harder to imagine that Google’s Project Iris, or the Meta glasses that Mark Zuckerberg reportedly hoped to launch in 2024, will be ready to wear anytime soon.

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