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We are producing the industry’s most detailed, dimensionally accurate 3D printing services 24/7. Team of Techniket is well known in the market for creating complex pattern and high definition models. Techniket is Pune s best and trusted 3D Printing Service Provider. we offer a complete platform for all 3d printing and designs related requirements that may help to bring great ideas into life. Our application industries are automobile, electronics, education, consumer goods, casting, architecture and art. We provide above services like SLS 3D Printing, SLA 3D Printing, and FDM 3D Printing.

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This type of technique of additive manufacturing uses the wire form of raw material. This wire form is melted and deposited through a very small nozzle. This is the most simple process of 3D printing among SLS, SLA, and FDM. The material deposited only where it is required and hence needs support structure for overhanging parts. This technology is most widely used because of its simplicity, cost effectiveness and strength. - B2B MarketPlace

It is an additive manufacturing technique in which raw material is used in its powdered form (typically Nylon). A focused laser beam is guided over the surface of powdered layer according to the 3D design provided. Once layer is sintered the tray containing the powder is lowered and new layer of powder is spread evenly over the surface. In this process the power of laser is more crucial along with time of exposure. The power of the laser is so controlled that only current layer is melted and fused with adjoining previous layer. Since the area which is not sintered by the laser stays in powder form, this powder can act as support material. Hence SLS does not require any special support structure. - B2B MarketPlace

This is based on selective polymerization of a photosensitive resin using ultraviolet light. In this system, an ultraviolet laser beam is focused on the top layer of photo sensitive resin contained in a vat. The beam is positions and moved in horizontal X and Y directions to polymerize the resin within the boundary a particular cross-section. The cured layer of polymer is lowered by a platform attached to it, so that a fresh layer of liquid resin covers the cured layer.



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