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Maths Wizard conducts Abacus and Vedic online classes with the aim of removing the fear of math and inculcate love for math. The curriculum is designed in such a way that it ignites the children learning in a more enjoyable way. The main advantage of using abacus math is that the student just after a few months memorizes the image of the abacus in their mind, and can perform calculations mentally.

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At Maths Wizard we offer kids a complete advanced abacus and Mental training program that helps build your child’s whole brain development, self-confidence, creative thinking, logical and reasoning ability. Our unique abacus Maths course is designed to capture your child’s interest and love for Maths We are well aware of the kid’s situations and we also understand each child is unique and has a different learning style but it is important that the child has to master the Maths skills and hence we use a holistic approach to help meet the needs of the students. - B2B MarketPlace

We at Maths Wizard offer a very friendly, pleasant, and playful environment for our students. Our course is designed keeping in mind the individual student with the highest quality of unique approach. We believe that a great way to teaching math is a technology that awakens the creativity in students that gets them excited for each class. Our goal is to empower the students with life skills, competence, and self-development in their learning journey using our cutting-edge teaching techniques.



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