LIQUID HANDLING SYSTEMS Micropipettes Autoclavable & Non Autoclavable Digital Display Single Channel and Multichannel,Micropipette Tips, Micropipette Stand,Autoclavable Pipetting Tray For The 100% Recovery of the Reagent,Pipette Pumps,Pasteur Pipettes. PLASTIC LABWARES Autoclavable Bags Beakers Blood Collecting Tubes Bottles(NM/WM/RDB/WB) Centrifuge Tubes Containers and its Stand Couplin Jar Cuvettes for Spectrophotometer Funnels and Holders Specimen Tubes Test tube Stands from 10mm dia to 83mm dia RUBBER LABWARES Available in: Silicone,Viton,Neoprene,Nitryl,Butyl,Natural etc., Antivibration Mat Automizer bulb Cap for Test Tubes Corks Plain & Solid With & Without multiple Holes Filter Cone Filter Funnel Filter Rings Filter Seal Finger Cots Flask Supporting Ring (Bibase) Gas Chromatography Septa Hand Protective Glove Loop Lyophilizer Double Lock Cap &,Sealing Machine for Double Lock Cap Lyophilizer Replacement Valve,Adaptor Micropipax O ring for different dia bottles,tube and vials Pipette adaptor Seal for rotary evaporator Septa for autosampler vials Sleeve septa Stopper for Microchemical apparatus. Stopper for Serum bottle and vials. Stopper for tubes Tubing Universal Protector for Microscopes. TEFLON LABWARES Blade(Stirrer) Centrifuge Tube Crucible Digestion Vessel Stirring Rod Adaptor ST.STEEL/ALUMINIUM LABWARES St.St.Test tube Stands Histological blocks St.St.Tray Al stubs PLANT TISSUE CULTURE LABWARES Autoclvable PTC Bottles Autoclavable PTC Caps PTC Coloured Chai for Set Sizing Autoclavable PTC Plain Pots PTC Root Trainer Universal Adaptor CRYOLABWARES Cryovials Cryostand Cryo O rings Cryogloves Cryoboxes for 5,10,30 & 81 Vials. ELECTRON MICROSCOPE CONSUMAMBLES LABWARES Capsules for Flat Embedding Mould Specimen Mounts Multipin Holder Monolayer Moulds Embedding Molds Single Tapered Ends Double Tapered Ends Slide Duplicating Molds CUSTOM MANUFACTURUNG As per user design/specifications/samples in any above material

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