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Happy New Year 2010 to you! Wish you & your family full of joys and happiness. :) Dear sir, Greetings. Sai Export India are manufactures of All kinds of Essential oil, Rose Water, Kewda Water, Absolute Scente & Oriental perfumes novelties natural with lowest prices as under. 1.Motiya (jasmine Sandali)--$1990/Kg. 2.Vetivert Oil--$90/Kg 3.Aqalaria Oil-$300/Kg. 4.Cypriol Oil-$150/Kg. 5.Sugandh Mantri Oil-$250/Kg. 6.Jatmansi Oil-$250/Kg. 7.Egale Wood Oil-$500/Kg. 8.Rose wood Oil-$80/Kg. 9.Rose SPL-$50/kg. 10.Rose Oil-$1,7000/Kg. 11.Rose de Mai-$500/Kg. 12.Amner Supper-300/Kg. 13.Amber Oil-$75/Kg. 14.Cytronella Oil-$40/Kg. 15.Patchouli Oil Indo-$50/Kg. 16.Bosweriya Oil-$250/Kg. 17.Kasturi Oil-$160/Kg. 18.Floral Kasturi Oil-$160/Kg. 18.Attar Ruhel wardh-$500/Kg. 19.Amber Cheap-90/Kg. 20.Bela(Mogara)Natural---$90/Kg. 21.Ruh Mogara-$170/Kg. 22.Ruh Zaffran Natural--$450/Kg. 23.Shamama Amber--$350/Kg. 24.Shamama Oudhi--$400/Kg. 25.Shamama SPL--$550/Kg. 26.Ruh Shamama Natural--$475/Kg. 27.Musk Hina--$150/Kg. 28.Kasturi(Musk Nafa)Natural--$450/Kg. 29.White Musk Natural--$90/Kg. 30.Black Musk--$90/Kg. 31.Yellow Musk--$85/Kg. 32.Mukhallat SPL--$80/Kg. 33.Basil Oil (sweet)--$120/Kg. 34.Basil Oil(sweet Organic)--$172/Kg. 35.Chamomile Oil Roman--$575/Kg. 36.Chamomile Oil German--$638/Kg. 37.Neroli Oil--$79/Kg. 38.Ylang(109)--$34/Kg. 39.Ylang(Extra)--$40/Kg. 40.Sandal Wood Oil (East Indian)--$1475/Kg. 41.dahan-al Oud (Assam)--$200(12gram)Tola. 42.\" \" Turbi--$80(12gram)Tola. 43.\" \" Imphal--$300(12gram)Tola. 44.\" \" Hindi Khalis--$240(12gram)Tola. 45.\" \" Boya(Freed)--$40(12gram)Tola. 56.\" \" Khadha(Stand)--$160(12gram)Tola. 47.\" \" Baitha(Down)--$120(12gram)Tola. 48.\" \" Amri(Rich)--$250(12gram)Tola. 49.\" \" Kambodiya--$200(12gram)Tola. 50.\" \" Supper--$20(12gram)Tola. And Chips are available to $1000/Kg. To $3000/Kg. 51.Jasmine for Cadle,Soap--$80/Kg. 52.Tuberose for Cadle,Soap,Perfume--$80/Kg. 53.Frangipeni for Cadle,Soap,perfumrs--$900/Kg. 54.Safrron Absolute--$500/Kg. 56.Geranium Oil 100%pure & Natural--$151/Kg. 57.Honeysuckle Absolute--$180/Kg. 58.Gardenia Absolute--$250/Kg. 59.Frangipeni Absolute--$1,674/Kg. 60.Vetiver Absolute--$175/Kg. 61.Myrrh Absolute--$120/Kg. 62.Cardamom Oil--$102/Kg. 63.Carrol Seed Oil--$130/Kg. 64.Calamus Oil--$55/Kg. 65.Black Papper Oil--$118/Kg. 66.Caminn Seed Oil--$66/Kg. 67.Ginger Oil--$118/Kg. 68.Fennal Seed Oil--$64/Kg. 69.Clove Bud Oil--$61/Kg. 70.Celery Seed Oil---$55/Kg. 71.Cinnmon Oil---$28/Kg. 72.Lemon Grass Oil--$15/Kg. 73.Dill Seed Oil--$36/Kg. 74.Ajowain Oil--$15/Kg.

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