SILICA GEL BREATHERS, [on line moisture extraction equipment from transformer oil] used in oil cooled Power / Distribution Transformers. Available in different sizes of 125gms. to 15kgs. Capacity depends on the capacity of Transformers. SILICA GEL CRYSTALS [DESICCANT] : Moisture absorbing & drying agent, Humidity controller, Anti fungal, Anti corrosive available in different sizes from 3 to 6 mesh, 6 to 9 mesh, 9 to 16 mesh, 16 to 24 mesh & 24 and above mesh sizes. Available in both Indicator type and Non-indicator type [Blue & white] SPHERICAL SILICA GEL [DESICCANT BEADS] : Indicator and Non-indicator type available in Blue[cobalt chloride processed. Orange [non-cobalt processed] White beads. SILICA GEL [DESICCANT] POUCHES / PKTS / BAGS / CONTAINER PACKS/ SACHETS/CANISTER: Moisture absorbing agents, Anti fungal, Anti corrosive pouches/ sachets filled with Blue or White silica gel crystals/Beads in different sizes from 0.5gms. sachets to 10kgs. Bags packed in non-woven fabrics or cotton cloths. As per clients specification and requirements. MOLECULAR SIEVES : Drying & purification of many industrial and medical gases, oils, pharmaceuticals products, Food products etc. Available in pallets/ Beads form in many sizes as per clients specification and requirements. Contact: Sai Dhurga Enterprises, 1465, III cross, Mariyappan Palya, Rajajinagar. Bangalore-560021. 09008404906. 09036144995, 080-23322886. Email: &

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