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Dear Sir or Madam, We are companies that produces fiber. Such as: 1.Mixed colorer recycled fiber, 2.Cotton recycled fiber, 3.T/C recycled fiber, 4.Cotton willowed dropping, 5.Denim clip/blue jeans clip, 6.T/C colored clip, 7.Colorer recycled fiber, 8.Acrylic waste, 9.Jute shoddy. We are not only produced fiber, we are also produces many kinds of yarn. Such us: mop yarn, cotton yarn, blended cotton/poly yarn, blanket yarn, open end yarn, recycled yarn. We have more than one company, so we can supply how much you want. If you need or your company want booking my yarn, please write detail product you want then send in my email or Best Regard, Padanu Dresta A. (Export Marketing)

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