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SPI BILLI CURE PHOTOTHERAPY - HIFLUX LED PHOTO THERAPY SPI BILLI CURE PHOTOTHERAPY system is used for treatment of Jaundice in newborns. SPI BILLI CURE PHOTOTHERAPY LED’S emit high intensity of narrow wavelength spectrum and produce minimal heat. So SPI BILLI CURE PHOTOTHERAPY can be placed very close to the neonate without any untoward effects SPI BILLI CURE PHOTOTHERAPY LED’S emit light in the range of 400-470 nm( Peal wavelength 450-470 nm). This range corresponds to the spectral absorption of light by bilirubin. SPI BILLI CURE PHOTOTHERAPY LED does not emit significant ULTAVIOLET (UV) or INFRARED (IR) radiation. SPECIFICATIONS: Adjustable Height Easy swiveling for angle adjustment Rigid fabricated body, with caster wheels for easy mobility. Power consumption: 20W FEATURES: ON/OFF Switch Light intensity level selection Treatment time selection Remaining Treatment time and current Intensity is displayed in LCD. Pause option, for treatment/ Mother feeding Etc. After completion of treatment, the light shutdown automatically and audible alarm for assist. Treatment time memory will not affect due to power failure. The Life of LED’s is > 20000 Hours. Inbuilt life time totalisert

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