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Laboratory Glassware like beakers, burettes, condensers, cylinders, culture tube, flasks conical, flasks round bottom, flasks flat bottom, flasks volumetric, funnels, petri dish, pipettes, measuring cylinder, kipps apparatus, funnels, volumetric flask, spirit lamp, beaker, burettes, pipettes, joints, test tube, crucible, power supply, battery eliminator, water bath, soxhlet apparatus, ammeter, voltmeter, incubator, oven, muffle furnace, magnets, burners, boss head, retort stand, stop clock, prism, lens, mirrors, magnifiers, tripod stand, spatula, water tap, gas tap, crucible tong, distillation apparatus, separating funnel, desiccators, gas jar. Physics Instruments like induction coils, microtome spencer type, tangent galvanometer, conductivity apparatus, physical balance, weight boxes and accessories, optical bench, optics, heat lab equipment, sound laboratory equipment, mechanics laboratory instruments, magnetism, electricity, electronics, electrostatics Chemistry lab instruments like lab balance, chemistry lab bottles, laboratory brushes, chemistry lab burner, laboratory bunsen and corks, Hoffman’s voltameter, pipette test tube, tripod stand, laboratory pumps, flame test apparatus, bell jars, tubing, balances & weights, laboratory brushes, laboratory burners, laboratory spatula, electro chemistry instruments, laboratory tongs. Biology instruments manufacturer like dissecting equipment, biology magnifiers, environmental science instruments, educational models, microbiology instruments, projectors, educational charts, plant physiology equipment, slide rack, microtomes, baths and staining, slide cabinets.

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