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The interactive whiteboard can be used in class, military, enterprise & public institution. It is a PC based input equipment with human-computer interactive function. It is much time and energy saving. This is a revolution for education of replacing the traditional learning model. It can largely improve the training effect and teaching efficiency. Learning becomes very easy and fruitful. The functions of the whiteboard are as following: 1. interactive function: There is no need to use mouse and displayer. You can directly control the computer by the whiteboard. It can realize interaction between human and computer, whiteboard and computer, teachers and students, and the interaction between students. 2.writting function: You can write on the whiteboard freely and change the color and thickness of pen. 3. erasing function: By using the softwares erasing function. you can erase the writing content partly or once and for all. And the size of the eraser can be adjusted. Teachers can stay away from the dust pollution. 4 intelligent recognizing function: it can recognize the figure you draw on the board, and transfer them into standard figures, such as the direct line, round, triangle, and so on. 5 readjusting function: you can reedit the content on the whiteboard, such as copy, paste, clone, change the color, move, magnify and so on 6 handwriting recognizing function: it can automaticly recognize the font written on the board and show the standard font. 7 self playback function: there is no need to use other play software, it can playback all the operations 8 the curtain sheltering function: you can setup the curtain function, and the curtain can be moved up and down, left and right, and change the pattern and transparency of the curtain. 9 page expanding function: the content of the screen can be moved up and down, and page size can be expended infinitely. 10 resource library function: It has open resource library function. Totally with 96 functions

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