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We are a Japanese international sales and distribution company, presents X-Swing golf simulator, as a leisure activity and as a competitive sport. The simulator is perfect for use at driving ranges and in golf instruction, as it includes a practice mode allowing players to work on tee shots, approach shots, bunkers and putting. Great efforts have been made to develop a reliable system for customers who love golf. The simulator includes a wide-model booth and a kiosk control system, as well as full-3D graphics and many other features: 1. Sensor is located in front of the hitting area under the ground, which creates a clear outlook of hitting area 2. Players can switch easily as well as supporting left and right side hitting. 3. Eliminated all unnecessary operation. Enjoy a golf game easily without stress. 4. Sensor consists as close as only 2mm between each diode, which provide a high accuracy in ball detection. This is the highest density sensor arrangement out of our country. 5. Shot data result in 40m/sec, which provide a dynamic reaction on screen. 6. Courses were created by Full 3D computer graphic with more than 3,000 trees and grass, etc, which realistically recreates the real image of the actual golf courses. Establishing an indoor golf facility as a new business is one way to attract the attention of golf enthusiasts and potentially earn a significant profit. Contact Global Pronet, Inc. to see how an x-Swing golf simulator can impact your business!

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