Prewo Drilling Machine consists of 1. Column Drilling Machine 2. Bench Drilling Machine. The column drilling is robust rectangular and made of heavy duty cast iron. The table is mounted with column and it is provided with 3 t slots It consists of 3 range of models with 8 different speeds depends upon capacity. „Ï Model 12-02 (23 capacity) „Ï Model 12-31 (dia 40 capacity) „Ï Model 12-44 (dia 50 capacity) Optional Feeds: The machine consists of (1) Auto mechanical Clutch (2) Electro mechanical Clutch (3) Hydraulic Feed Unit Bench Drilling Machine: The Bench drilling has a solid column and built to accuracy as per BIS 2426 ¡V 1963. The drilling Machine consists of models 1) 12-19 (Manual Feed) ¡V Belt Drive 2) 12 -32 (Auto Feed) ¡V Clear Drive The Machine 12 -32 consists of 9 vary speeds with (1) Auto Feed Mechanical (2) Hydraulic Feed Note: Hydraulic Feed Unit special features: „Ï Depth control can be achieved within +/- 0.15 mm by means of mechanical stopper. „Ï Provision of dwell for spot facing and smooth finishing. „Ï Peck feed drilling with PLC system for deep hole drilling „Ï Rapid feed up to a set depth and return to home position hence cycle time will be minimized. Tapping Machine Prewo is among the leading tapping machine manufacturers, suppliers and exporters. The Prewo range of bench tapping machines is equipped with special bearings, rugged custom designed motors and reliable branded electrical parts for economical high precision production tapping. Machine Features: „« The machine is tested for accuracy and conforms to Indian Standard IS : 2426 „« Reduces setup time „« Eliminates recurring expense of frequent replacement of worm, leadscrew and nut due to wear. „« More consistent than pneumatic or hydraulic feed drives. „« Does not exert extra pressure (downward and upward)on the parts. „« Parts clamp is not needed except tp prevent parts from rotating thereby speeding up tapping process .so, simpler and convenient jig can be used. „« A dual clutch system prevents tool breakage in case of spindle overload due to undersized or missing holes. „« Pitch control gears feed the tap at the rate of one thread per revolution, with repeatability of stroke within 1/15 pitch of thread. Compared to lead screw drive, change gears wear less. there is no reverse cut or pulling force during return stroke of the spindle thus ensuring smooth finish. „« All moving parts are isolated from the operator with an aluminium guard(with safety interlock).The change gear cover nut be in place for the machine to function. Applications & Typical Components Tapped in PREWO tapping Machines: „« Automotive Ancillaries „« Two wheelers „« Light Commercial Vehicles „« Heavy Engineering „« Electrical & Electronics „« Pumps & Motors „« Sheet Metal „« Textile Machinery

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