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A glass partition is an excellent way to separate different areas of a building off without giving it a smaller or closed off look and feel. Most glass partitions are created with a series of individual glass panels that are positioned and fixed in place with an aluminum or stainless steel frame. You can also add in a door to provide access to the partitioned off area, and that door can either be a full glass door to continue with the look, or a more traditional wood door. There are many different options to choose from when using glass partitions ranging from the size of the areas you want partitioned off to the type of glass you’d like to use. Some of the most common options include using either tempered or laminated glass which will give a great clean look while maintaining the strength which is required for these large pieces of glass. Using either floor to ceiling glass panels, half panels or just large wrap around windows to give the look you desire. You can also pick out different colored glass to give each room a bright and unique look and feel for everyone in the area. On that same note you can choose to use stained glass dividers which will not only offer you the partitioning of the room you need, but also really add to the décor of the room as well.



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