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Nacimex enterprise is located in Bonaberi,Douala,Republic of Cameroon.It is one of the leading exporters of Yohimbe barks,Pygeum prunus barks,Voacanga africana seeds,Strophantus gratus seeds,Irvingia gabonensis(Bush mango)seeds and other medicinal plants in Cameroon.We have been exporting to China,India,Hong kong,Europe and America but we are still in need of new customers.We would be very grateful if your B2B platform can be of help to us.Thank you.

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Pygeum prunus africana barks that are cut in to pieces of 4-6cm,having humidity content of 8-10% and whose texture is the same like that of crocodile skin. - B2B MarketPlace

Dry Strophantus gratus seeds that have not been attacked by wivils and are having a humidity content of 8-10%. - B2B MarketPlace

Well dried yohimbe barks cut in to pieces of 4-6cm,having yohimbine content of 1-1.3%,humidity content of 8-10% and the natural brownish colour.We can supply 200 tons/year. - B2B MarketPlace

Well dried and graded Voacanga africana seeds,having humidity content of 8-10%,their natural brownish colour and no impurities at all. - B2B MarketPlace

Irvingia gabonensis(Bush mango)seeds that are well dried and having a humidity content of 8-10%.


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