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Based in Shijiazhuang,China,Yaobang Pump has continuously expanded its’ global footprint, enjoying success in territories such as Canada,United State,Russia,South Africa,Australia,Zambia and Chile. Our factories span 20 000m2 and house foundries, machine shops, repair and assembly workshops, and warehousing to support high-volume production and delivery requirements.Our supply and support capability extends to entire pumping systems comprising pumps, electric motors and related accessories, from concept design and specification phase through to installation, commissioning and maintenance. Our YAO®, BANG® and YB® brands are recognised throughout China for exacting quality standards, excellent performance and long working life.To cater for unique and varied applications our range of pump materials has evolved to include 27% and 35% chrome, natural and synthetic rubbers, polyurethane, ceramics and stainless steel.We pride ourselves on providing a seamless acquisition experience with a dedicated sales team on standby to ensure that every client receives the best possible service.

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The YJ series Heavy Duty Slurry Pump are horizontal cantilevered single-stage, single-suction, axial-suction and centrifugal slurry double-casing pumps.It is a new type energy-saving pump. The discharge branch can be positioned at intervals of 45 degrees by request and oriented to any eight positions to suit installations and applications

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YA series Centrifugal Slurry Pump is a end-suction, split-case, centrifugal slurry pumps, it is suitable for the poor environment on the mine. 27% chrome white iron or rubber wetted parts make the pump long life, and the simple structure make the pump maintenance and liner replacement easily.YL series slurry pump designed for rugged duties while offering higher efficiencies, it is a combination of the proven YA unique features plus higher efficiency impeller at an attractive cost.

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1.5/1B-AH Slurry Pump Bearing Assembly code: B005M 2/1.5 B-AH Slurry Pump Bearing Assembly code: B005M 3/2 C-AH Slurry Pump Bearing Assembly code: C005M 4/3 C-AH Slurry Pump Bearing Assembly code: CAM005M 4/3 D-AH Slurry Pump Bearing Assembly code: D005M 6/4 D-AH Slurry Pump Bearing Assembly code: DAM005M 6/4 E-AH Slurry Pump Bearing Assembly code: E005M 8/6 E-AH Slurry Pump Bearing Assembly code: EAM005M 8/6 F-AH Slurry Pump Bearing Assembly code: F005M 10/8 F-AH Slurry Pump Bearing Assembly code: FAM005M 10/8 ST-AH Slurry Pump Bearing Assembly code: SH005M

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AF series froth slurry pump is our company¡¯s manufacture of high efficiency and energy-saving , which is manufactured with Shijiazhuang Pump Works¡¯ introduction technology of Australia Pump Company. Features: Double casing structure, no need for any shaft seal and sealing water; high efficiency, wear resistant, stable performance, easy assembly, good ability to break the froth, and be driven with belt. over-current

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The YS series Vertical Sump Slurry Pump is designed for applications requiring higher reliability and durability than conventional vertical process pumps.


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