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When trying to reshape an industry like clinical urgent care, we knew it was essential to collaborate across a variety of experienced, dedicated individuals who truly understand the gaps in the traditional private health care system. WeHealth was designed by New York City clinicians and developed by top technologists to provide the most seamless, convenient mobile clinical experience in the world. Unlike many health insurance providers, WeHealth outlines specifically what services are available with no hidden fees or caveats. This means that you will never be left out to dry when you get to the clinic and will never have to reschedule or wait to get the care you need. We started WeHealth to help people get better care faster. We think our customers should expect the same level of personal support and service from our team. When you contact the WeHealth team, you will speak to a real person and get personal support to walk you through any questions or needs you have. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.



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