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Vilina refined oil, procures the raw ingredients for its oils from across the world. Grown and nurtured in the best farms fields, Vilina refined oil, brings out the essence of a kitchen. Everyday meals are brought to life, when each household, picks out their choice of oil from the range Vilina refined oils. Packed with nutrition, this range of cooking oil is what every home needs.

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A protein-rich oil, Soyabean oil is a health-enhancing edible oil. Vilina Refined Soyabean oil is a step ahead in the category, as the Soyabeans used for extracting oil for Vilina are procured from Argentina. Loaded with good fat and cholesterol absorbing lecithin, it is oil ideal for deep frying as well. - B2B MarketPlace

One of the most used cooking oil across the country, Sunflower oil is also an emollient. Vilina Sunflower oil comes with the wholesome goodness of a high-quality Sunflower. Low in saturated fat and high in Vitamin E content, Vilina Sunflower oil has a high smoking point, which makes it the oil of choice for deep frying. - B2B MarketPlace

The chosen oil of the fitness population, Vilina Refined Rice bran oil is extracted out of the bran or the husk of a rice grain. This not only makes Rice bran oil healthy but also adds a nutty flavor to it. Saturated with many benefits, this oil also finds its place in the world of cosmetics. With its metabolism aiding capability, Vilina rice bran oil aids weight loss as well.



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