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Arya Omnitalk Wireless Solutions Pvt. Ltd. headquartered in Pune is a Joint venture between JM Baxi and Lalbhai groups. While Arvind is the flagship company of Rs 12,000 crores of Lalbhai group, JM Baxi is a leader in shipping, stevedoring, Port Modernization and logistics. In India Arya Omnitalk is a leading supplier of technology and services for Walky Talky business, GPS based Vehicle Tracking and Management for Trucking Logistics, Employee Transportation, Asset Tracking for Hazardous material, Petroleum Transportation, Smart City Solutions like Integrated Transport Management, Solid Waste Management solution, Dial 100 for police, Toll Management Solutions, Automatic Traffic Management system, Video conferencing for end to end solutions.

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Arya Omnitalk, India’s leading Telematics Company offers comprehensive GPS vehicle tracking solutions for almost all of the Industries like Oil and Gas, national trucking and logistics, employee transportation as well as state of the art Smart City Solutions. - B2B MarketPlace

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"nextGen”, an Advanced Traffic Management system by Arya Omnitalk, is an integrated ATMS solution for traffic control through real time information collection, processing, analysis and finally dissemination to the users, concerned agencies and stake holders. nextGen is the cost effective ATMS system that helps highway/road operators or government authorities to monitor complete highway by various sensors & technologies and manage traffic flow intelligently and effectively assuring safe journey of travelers. - B2B MarketPlace

The IT and ITES industry is looking for safe transportation of employees. These industries are working in a large workforce at odd hours in multiple shifts. Because of their odd shift timings, many organizations provide a door-to-door transport facility to their employee. Arya Omnitalk provides Smart Transport Solution which automates all transport operations including rostering, routing, and billing. This Smart Transport Solution manages large and complex transportation requirements. Features of Smart Transport Solution: This solution is helpful in online real-time tracking of employees. It monitors Fuel level of vehicles. It helps in panic management. In a panic situation, it sends an alert message. It sends speed violation alerts. It provides automated report system. It provides a proper help desk. For more details on Smart Transport Solution, Visit us at:



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