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Get Up & Grow is Irelands leading supplier of hydroponic grow systems, equipment, and supplies. Welcome to Get Up & Grow, Ireland’s leading grow shop! We pride ourselves on offering the best quality horticultural products and services on the market, with a special focus on organic products. Our product range includes leading brands like Biobizz, Plagron, and Bio Tabs, providing a wide selection of organic bottled feeds, soil amendments, and plant teas. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional grower, we have everything you need to achieve the highest quality harvests. Deals in GROW ROOM PRODUCTS: NUTRIENTS, FANS, GROW TENTS, LED GROW LIGHTS, POST HARVEST, HORTICULTURE SUPPLIES IRELAND, PLANTS, PVC, TANKS, CLAY, TENTS, POTS, DUCTING, HYDROPONICS, ROCKWOOL, REFLECTOR, BALLASTS, AQUAPONICS, CARBON FILTER, INDOOR GARDENING, PERLITE , ADVANCED HYDROPONICS, SOILESS GARDENING

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Get Up & Grow Ireland’s premier shop. Buy horticultural products & services in Dublin. Shop for LED Grow Lights & Tents, Fans and Nutrients.


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