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At Hemisphere Capital Management Inc., we recognize that investment management goes beyond simply managing financial assets. It is about empowering you to achieve financial freedom at every stage of your life. Whatever that may be. Independent Wealth Management In Calgary: Hemisphere Capital Management Inc. is an independent and employee-owned wealth management firm in Calgary. We provide discretionary investment management services. For over 30 years, our financial advisors in Calgary have helped individuals, families and foundations across Canada reach financial freedom.

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The private giving Hemisphere Foundation was created to promote philanthropy and estate planning by offering our clients a convenient way to simplify their charitable giving.

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Our Select Managed Portfolio service is a discretionary investment management solution with a structured approach available to clients with investable assets between $250,000 and $750,000.

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Our Private Portfolio Management service is a highly flexible, discretionary investment management solution available to clients with investable assets greater than $750,000.


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