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RENEO COSMETICS products are created with combined potential of scientific and production centers located in Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, Spain and Israel. Due to this cooperation, formulas include a wide range of raw materials, technologies, and the newest components.

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How to choose the best professional skin care products for salons in the wide variety of brands? It might be easy to give preference to the most popular brands with long history or to new ones with clever marketing methods. However, it is not always the right way. It is crucial to understand your customers and to consider what would appeal to them most. You must take into account the main skin types and existing aesthetic problems of your patients, their age, gender, income level. You should also consider beauty trends and latest skincare researches. Thus, you can establish the price policy of your salon and the variety of treatment offered, and then choose appropriate professional skincare brands. - B2B MarketPlace

Before introducing a new brand in your salon or beauty cabin, it is worth to get better acquainted with the brand’s products and treatments. Visit practical training session or ask for an individual presentation specifically for your salon. If there is no brand representative in your city, online resources will do also. Read customer reviews, watch training videos, order some testers of the main products needed for different treatments. Most professional brands offer facial kits for beauty therapists. These kits contain products often used together in facials and other skincare treatments, and as such will help you to make a decision whether the brand is suitable for your salon or not.


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