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We are main engage in r & d, manufacture and selling industrial-level precision electric screwdrivers and pneumatic screwdrivers equipped for the production line, and the relevant peripheral products for management, automation and digitization.

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Precision torsion tester Features: Testing range oftorque is large with high accuracy.It has the function of automatic zero set. The range from 0.5 second to 3.0 seconds can be set freely. The torque turning in clockwise or anticlockwise direction can be tested. There is need to change screw driver head.The torque sensor is attached, which can test torque dire-ctly. The unit of torque is in three, N.m and It is convenient to select the output mode of value. Rs-232C output terminal is attached, which can be conn-ected to a computer for recording,editing and torque ca-lculating. It has the function of automatic display of low battery (LOBAT). It is designed to be rechargeable and portable.Small volume and light weightmake the operation conven-ient. - B2B MarketPlace

Place of Origin Shanghai, China (Mainland) Brand Name ASA Model Number ASA-6500 Power Source Electricity Type Precision Screwdriver Rated Voltage 20-30DCV Frequency 50-60Hz Rated Input Power 220V Max. Torque No-Load Speed 500-700(rpm)±10% Dimensions 228 Weight 500g Model Name Full-auto shut off electric screwdriver ESD type Customizable ESD antistatic Type Yes Model Push to start Type Applicable power supply PRO-6 Input voltage 20-30 DCV Torque force range Rev without loading 500-700(rpm)±10% Applicable head of screw driver 1 Machine thread(2.4-4.0mm) Applicable head of screw driver 2 Self tapping thread(2.0-3.0) Life Length 3 years - B2B MarketPlace

Our electric screw drivers have 4 strong points: 1. Low-voltage DC motor driver,motor with long service life,high safe coefficient through low voltage screw driving,convenient maintenance and low cost. 2. Double power supply of input AC(100-240v)and output(20-30V),frequency conversion&constant voltage,more stable torque force,temperature and rev. 3. Segmentless speed-adjusting+built-in soft start-up+stable voltage multifunction design. Lever or pressurizing-down start-up meets the requirements of different locking modes. 4. The combination of spring crane, power supply and electric screw driver can be used together or separately, with mobility and operability and is more flexible and convenient. Features: Brand-new Improvement+Low-voltage DC motor+Power Supply of Frequency Conversion and Stabilized Voltage+Ergonomic Rubber Handle=more accurate, durable and more practical


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