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We are manufacturer trader & supplier of frequency inverter, soft starter, brake units, emi filter, brake resistor, ac reactor, hmi, plc, servo motor & drive, electrical ac motor, induction motor, ac contactor, breaker etc.

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FWI-SS3-series Soft Starter is a new type start-up equipment which integrates electric force and electronic techniques,computer technique and modern control theory. It is the new generation product to replace the conventional Star-delta Starter, Self-coupling voltage-drop Starter and Magnetic control voltage-drop Starter. Description: Advanced soft starter type: voltage control type? and current limiting type capacity to Motor effectively, so it could save the cost. Intelligent, digital and single chip control。 Man-machine conversation function。 Delay starting function. Operation current displayed。 Failure self-diagnosis。 Natural wind cooling. Space saving。 Can reduce the starting stress of motor and other loading equipments, so that lengthen their service life. - B2B MarketPlace

IntroductionF 1.Power Rang 200W-1.0KW. 2.Control mode:Position,speed,Position and speed,Internal speed control. 3.With command smooth function. 4.Complete protection and point out error message. - B2B MarketPlace

1. Rated voltage: 250V/440V (can be customized 690V/1140V). 2. Operating frequency:0-120Hz frequency . 3. Withstanding voltage Test (1 min): Line - to 2250VDC, line - line 1500VDC. 4. Temperature range: -25-85 . 5. Insulation resistance: line - to (300A below) 1500M (Europe). 6. Switching frequency: Fmax=60KHz. 7. Dv/Dt inhibition, over-voltage inhibit, reduce electromagnetic interference Inverters. 8. Current large current from 1A-1600A (Amp). 9. The use of high-quality components to ensure that the use of stability, security. 10. Inverters and the motor coil to reduce the wear and tear, for the inverters output filter. - B2B MarketPlace

Applications: Elevator, port machinery, rolling mills, hoist the generator, inverter and other brake and load Use of the environment: Rated temperature (+70 ); use with the temperature range (-55 +375 ) Structure: rated power temperature (+70 ); use with the temperature range (-55 +375 ) Applicable standards: GB/T5729-2003 GB5732-85 - B2B MarketPlace

Features Novel structure design; Complete upgrade of the software; Optimized production technique; Mature test equipment。 Applications mechanics, electronics, metallurgy, mining, petrochemical, transportation, building materials, municipal, metal processing, textile, printing and dyeing, paper making, Injection machine, central air conditioning, numerical control machine tool, air-compressor, fan and pump, blower, air conditioner for large buildings; wastewater treatment system; water supply system for large buildings; public water supply system and other industries and fields. 1. For all brands inverter; 2. 200V/380V/440V/480V; 3. It could be paralleled connected, no capacity limited; 4. Allowable for the occasion with electricity fluctuation; 5. Special design, the ordinary resistor could be used so no need to use senseless resistor. Resistor box could be specially ordered; 6. Ensure the brake IGBT in saturation; 7. Protection: short-circuit, low voltage, over voltage, fast fuse, over heated; 8. Automatic track during the whole process; 9. Noise filtrated within all frequency range, no disturbance to other equipments.


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