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Ad Management PHP Script is very powerful Ad Management software for your website. If you are planning to sell some space on your website to advertisers for advertising purpose, this Ad Management Software will keep track of everything. Our Ad Management script helps you automate the advertising interface of your site. This script helps you invite advertisers to place their Text Ads or Banner ads on your site. You can define the different banner sizes for which advertisers can place ads. Advertisers can then buy impressions for their banners through PayPal and their ads will start appearing immediately. Our Script is having a very catchy layout and design, its fully customizable by changing the layout using css and easy to customize the code. Extensive real time stats enhance the advertiser’s experience. Also, advertisers can search and sort banners based on different criterion. Administrator can configure site parameters, change display colors, configurable emails, view stats, transactions and member information. Experience this powerful script through the full online demo for admin panel as well as advertisers area. Why You Need This Script? This script can manage Text Ads & Banner ads for your site and save a lot of TIME and EFFORT for you. For advertisers, it provides real time stats about their banner display which enables them to know what is working and what is not. Plus it so easily integrates into any existing live site. Color scheme for the script can be defined from the admin panel. So, once you set the colors according to the color scheme of your site it will appear very much part and parcel of your site. Thus, this script offers following advantages: 1. Saves A Lot Of Time And Effort 2. Converts popularity of your site into revenues by offering advertising opportunities for your visitors. 3. Give great experience to your advertisers. 4. Automate advertising on your site and generate cash. 5. Let Webmasters know that they can advertise with you. Benefits • Fully automated advertisement system for your website with PayPal integration. • Text Ads allows you to sell text advertisement spots on your website automatically and hands free. • Advertisements are text based and look similar to Google Adwords, though they are fully customizable. • Now visitors to your website can create their own Adwords-like ad box for display on your website. Their ad is activated automatically after they complete a PayPal purchase. • You can create any number of impression-based advertisement plans then all you have to do is place the ad box somewhere on your website and Text Ads will take care of the rest from providing your advertiser with the offer to advertise on your website, to advertisement campaign creation, to activation, billing and finally deactivation of an ad campaign when its impressions run out. Features Front End Features: Extensive REAL TIME AD STATS like -total/approved/unapproved banners -impressions/clicks received -click through rates -most displayed/clicked ads PLUS day to day tracking of above stats for each banner. Support for UNLIMITED AD SLOTS Support for BANNER ADS AND TEXT ADS Support for Unlimited Ad packages Support for PPM (Pay per impression), PPC (Pay per click) and TIME BASED ADS


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