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We are a leading auto parts manufacturer and we supply automotive hydraulic brake hose, air brake hose, nylon fuel hose, single wall/double wall metal brake tube, hose fittings, brake hose assemblies, and test equipment, our products conform to saej1401, saej1402, saej 2260, saej526, saej527, fmvss106 standard.

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Qingdao Gofar a wide range of SAEJ1401/ DOT FMVSS106 certified hydraulic brake hoses tlat find application in hydraulic brake system of motorbike, light truck, forklift, tricycle, scooter and other vehicles. Our products are subject to a series of rigid tests in the workshop including pressure test, ozone test, whip test, temperature test and oil resistance test and the test result evidences the excellent physical and chemical properties. The reliable performance of the products results from the innovative weaving and rubber and reinforcement layer adhesion technologies, the rational production process and the strict quality control procedures. We are committed to customize our products to meet the specific needs of our clients. The hydraulic brake hose is available in the following sizes: 3.2mmx10.5mm, 3.2mmx12.5mm and 4.8mmx12.5mm.


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