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We are specialized in producing sand casting ,investment casting and die casting products in China. We also supply fasteners such as bolt, nut, gasket and stud. Pls visit our website for further information, there are so many technology articles in our website, I think that will be benefit for your business. Our manufacture processes: 1. Sand Casting, Resin Sand Casting 2. Investment Casting, Lost Wax Casting or Precision Casting 3. Lost foam casting 4. Die casting. 5. Permanent Casting. 6. CNC Machining. The material included: cast gray iron, ductile iron, carbon steel, stainless steel, malleable iron ,brass alloy and aluminum alloy. We serve and supply parts, components and products to wide varieties of industries as follow: 1. Valve fittings( valve body, wheel, disc, bonnet and others) 2. Pump Parts (Body, impeller and others) 3. Fastener ( Bolt, nut, stud and gasket) 4. Automobile/ Motorcycle ( drumˇ­.) 5. Pipe Fittings( malleable iron fittings, threaded stainless steel fittings, ductile iron fittings and others) 6. Steel anchor products. 7. Food Processing. 8. Computer & communication Hardware. 9. Sporting Equipment. Feel free contact with us by return. Pls visit our web site: www.castingquality.com to get more information.

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