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1-Stainless Steel Scrap 304 2-Stainless Steel Scrap 316 - B2B MarketPlace

1-Pure Zinc Ingots with purity 99.96% 2-Pure Zinc Ingots with purity 99.97% 3-Pure Zinc Ingots with purity 99.98% - B2B MarketPlace

1-Re-melted Iranian Lead Ingots 99% with max 1% Dross content. 2-Re-melted Iraqi Lead Ingots 94% with min 5-7% Dross content. - B2B MarketPlace

1-Antimony Lead Ingots with 5% SB content. 2-Antimony Lead Ingots with 7% SB content. 3-Antimony Lead Ingots with 8% SB content. 4-Antimony Lead Ingots with 10% SB content. - B2B MarketPlace

1-Re-melted Copper Ingots with purity 99% 2-Re-melted Copper Ingots with purity 98% 3-Re-melted Copper Ingots with purity 97%


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