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1.Acupressure Bed 2.Thermo Mat 3.Resistance Band 4.Eye Massager 5.Acufeet 6.Acupalm 7.Biowave 8.Thermo Belt 9.Thermo Pad

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Biggest benefit of Band is to work more than one muscle at a time creating an efficient, streamlined work out. - B2B MarketPlace

The Eye Massager has been designed with great attention to details & focused on improving your eye care effectiveness providing an enjoyable experience with therapeutic effect. - B2B MarketPlace

CMax AcuFeet is equipped with 34 pressure bags in total - 12 for the calf mechanism and 22 for the foot mechanism. - B2B MarketPlace

Electric foot massager can exercise your muscles, improve blood circulation, promote metabolism, beautify the skin. - B2B MarketPlace

CMax Thermo Mat emits Far-Infrared Rays and negative ions, which have great therapeutic benefits. The stones have medicinal properties as believed by ancient Chinese medical practitioners.


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