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Power Supplies High Current Linear and Switch Mode Power Supplies for CNC Control Boxes Tiny Controls offers fully-assembled open-framed High Current Linear Power Supplies and Switch Mode Power Supplies designed for use in CNC machine control panels. Our range includes power supplies with Toroidal transformers and EI transformers. Listed below are a few important features: Outputs are rectified and filtered. 11000uF/ 100V bulk capacitance for the filtration of rectifier outputs. Multiple screw terminals for easy star connection to multiple motors driven in a system. Small Size and light weighted power supplies. Additional regulated 12 V supply terminal for miscellaneous usage. Additional rectified, filtered and unregulated 24 V supply terminal. Status LED for mains and regulated 12 V output for making the task of debugging easy.

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Stepper Motor Driver Tiny Controls present Stepper Motor Drivers that offer precise as well as compact industrial quality at reasonable costs. Our Stepper Motor Drivers are based on sinusoidal current chopping so no resistance is required to be placed in series with motor when the motor is driven at a higher voltage than for the motor rated. The advantage of driving the motor with higher voltage results in a motor capable of achieving higher speed. Bipolar Microstep Drivers for Stepping Motors When the basic step of a motor are subdivided it results in microstepping. Microstepping is achieved by controlling the current of two motor windings resulting in the production of a number of intermediate step positions (Microsteps) between full-step positions (Full Steps). It is essential to note the intermediate positions must be equally divided (as much as possible) while the motor is running so as to produce smooth motion and approximately equal torque on all microsteps. Precise and Compact Industrial Quality at Reasonable Cost Accurate microstepping places a great deal of accuracy demand on current control profile at all levels of currents on the drive. The phase current profiles required in microstepping a stepper to produce the microsteps are sinusoidal. Browse the Help Zone for fundamentals of stepper motor theory. We are constantly adding tutorials and circuits to this section. Our drivers are optimized for high performance while reducing the current consumption and heat generation.

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CNC Motion Controller is a G-code programmable controller with Step and Direction outputs for stepper drivers. The three axes X, Y and Z are linear whereas the 4th axis is rotary axis and can be configured as either A, B or C axis. A “Y-Slave output is also included in the system, enhancing the flexibility. The entire four axes can be configured with independent adjustable maximum velocity and acceleration. Moreover, an isolated analog 0-10V for VFD is also provided on board for spindle controlling operations. The interpolation function provided is linear, curve with adjustable arc tolerance. Any two or all axes can be programmed for linear (line) interpolation, any 2 axes can be interpolated for curve (circular) Interpolation or any 2 axes curve with other axes line (helical) interpolation. The USB host port provided is used to interface with a common pen (thumb) drive to read and execute the G-code files, and does not require a PC (computer). There is no limit on g-code file size. Controller can resume the operation on any power interruption saving the current machine position, line of G-code and other status. Power up from interrupted cycle offers to recover from power fail, automatically “Homing the machine, positioning to last location, and resuming from last saved line without losing a beat in the process.

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Stepper Motor Stepper Motors are a preferred choice because of their precision of position, control of rotation angle and accuracy of their movement. Steppers, also called as synchronous motor, can be positioned accurately unlike asynchronous motor for example induction motor. Hybrid stepper is a permanent magnet and brushless motor and it combines the principle of a reluctance motor as well. Stepping Motors are 2 phase, 3 phase and 5 phase type and are characterized by the basic movement called step angle or step increment measured in degrees. Two phase motors are usually 1.8 degrees/ 0.9 degrees per step or in other words 200 steps to 400 steps per revolution. Bipolar Nema 14 to Nema 42 (Frame size 20 mm to 110 mm) Motors Two phase steppers come with 4, 6 or 8 wires (motors with 8 leads have two separate windings per phase). All these motors can be wired in bipolar mode while 8 wire motors can be wired in unipolar or bipolar modes. Our range of 2-phase motors is available with both 4-leads and 8-leads. To learn more details on how to connect these with a bipolar stepper driver, please click on the tutorial in Help Section. The high torque hybrid bipolar stepper motors feature low inductance for high speed to driving voltage ratio and good linearity for perfect microstepping. A perfect match to our microstepping step drivers range includes Nema 12, Nema 14, Nema 17, Nema 23, Nema 34 and Nema 42 motors.


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