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Trekking in Nepal or Trek is a will be a trip by foot, particularly delicate walking through mountain regions or hiking in the field for joy or game. Maybe among the different; kind of exercises that you can appreciate during your visit to a nation like Nepal which is sacrosanct with changed bio geographic locales. Nepal trek involves walking on a normal 6 hours for every day covering around 9 to 14 kilometers. Trekking course goes through timberland, high passes, valleys, knolls, rice fields, charming villas with the scenery of the brilliant Himalayan range, icy masses, snow sustained streams and lakes depending on the locale. You can either remain in basic hotels or homes of nearby individuals or camp for the night. Trekkers can either pick virgin tracks or beaten trails to achieve their coveted trek territories. A few people befuddle trekking and climbing yet trekking does not involve mountain climbing, it just involves walking on trails.

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