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New Yorkers are busy and always in a hurry. Who has time for chasing cardboard boxes and packing? Especially if that packing won’t be neither safe nor eco-friendly. But there is a solution! Our plastic moving boxes are not only made from recycled plastic, but they are also rentable and reusable. Instead of risking the damage with cardboard boxes, your belongings can be safe in high quality plastic moving bins. Besides, you get to feel good about yourself for doing something nice for our planet. And you deserve that. With Capital City Bins, your green move is just a few clicks away!

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Is your business growing fast? Then, you are probably planning on moving it to a bigger office. There is so much things to do and manage regarding the relocation, but the most important is proper packing of your office supplies, right? Well, we have innovative and quality solution for you. By renting our reusable moving bins, you will get the best containers for packing your items and you are contributing in saving your planet as well. Not only that will make you feel good about yourself, but it will also make you look good in front of your employees, partners and clients. So, it’s a win-win situation! Contact Capital City Bins today and get the best green moving boxes NYC has ever seen! Website: Address: 15 Kentucky Ave, Paterson, New Jersey 07503, USA



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