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TruckNet is a technology platform that enables businesses with all the necessary tools to initiate the digital transformation journey in the logistics and supply chain function. Founded by experienced industry professionals, TruckNet is a technology platform for enabling clean, transparent, simplified digital logistics and supply chain management solutions.

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A Transport Management System allows companies to have a huge advantage over their competitors by saving cost and improving efficiency of this complex process. A good TMS system implemented well, can save between 5 and 15% of transportation cost. For a big company running thousands of trucks a month, the savings run into crores of rupees. A TMS also helps senior leaders like CEO and CFO to know about how their business is operating on the ground. TMS gives visibility into whether the company is overpaying for trucks, how efficiently loading and unloading happens, whether they are serving their customers and distributors on time, and how their contracted transporters are performing. A good TMS also provides full traceability of transactions - which means that all transactions are stored in the system with information about which user made what change, at what time and date. Hence dispute resolution and accountability within the organisation improves drastically.



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