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If you are planning to start Poultry farming then insulating your farm must be your top priority. Poultry farming is a business of breeding domestic birds like chicken, ducks, geese, etc. There are certain standards that must be followed in a poultry farm, among which “poultry farm insulation material” is the most important one. Website: - B2B MarketPlace

The reflective insulation material shall be made up of high resistance anti corrosive both side aluminum foils with 20 mm closed cell non-toxic fiber free Air bubble Insulation Sheet manufactured by Maru CoolTM Consists Low Emissivity 3% (ASTM 1371), Reflectivity 97% (ASTM 408), Fire Retardant (BS 476 Part 6, Part 7), Aluminum foil thickness – 9 microns.



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