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For loading/ unloading plates from Railway Wagons/ trucks. For storing in Plate yards. For feeding plates onto a flame/ plasma cutting machine table, one at a time. Can be used with EOT/ Gantry/ Mobile Cranes etc. EPMs suspended from fixed length spreader beam so that the maximum range of plates are covered. Optimise the available work area by elimination of dunnage. Electronic control panel along with standby PCB card. Double Mag Cycle - this ensures the safe lifting of the load. Power Control – Magnetic Power can be varied in 4 steps Magnets can be selectively switched according to the length of the plate being handled. Smaller Plates – Only internal magnets are switched ON. Larger Plates – All the magnets are switched ON. Safety Interlock Key – to Magnetize/ Demagnetize 2 buttons are to be pressed simultaneously. This eliminates the chance of accidental operation of the magnet. “Inching feature –When the magnet is switched ON, it might lift more than a single plate. Inching is a feature, which when invoked reduces the magnetic power slowly such that additional plates, if lifted, are dropped. This is used to make sure that only one plate is handled at a time. ADPREM – Accidental Demagnetization Prevention Mechanism. Disable the demagnetization cycle when carrying load. Lamp Block – Displays the systems present state. Chain and Hanging Arrangement – made of grade 80 high strength steel along with bull ring.

Webbaniya.com - B2B MarketPlace

APPLICATIONS: Useful in shop floor for stacking of sheets size upto 1000 x 2000 mm. Loading/ unloading of plates from planners, boring, milling machine. Most suitable near flame cutting machines. Caution: For handling finished components after grinding operation, use thin plastic sheet to avoid scratch. FEATURES: Simple, easy, flexible, economical and light weight. Can swivel 150 and lift sheets vertically and horizontally. Can lift non homogeneous parts with unbalanced weight and loads. Optimum flux density – effectively lifts thick/ thin sheets. Magnets always remains ON. Cam mechanism jack up lever releases the job easily with the help of long handle.


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