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Parason Group is one of the largest manufacturer & Supplier of pulp and paper machinery. Parason offered products are widely used by Kraft, Tissue, Writing Printing and Hard Board Paper Mills in 60+ countries across the globe.

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Refiner Plates - For Pulp & Paper Industry Parason design & manufactures plates with different technologies, to have a wide range of selection for paper mills to suit refining needs. - B2B MarketPlace

Get Price PARASON Variable Rib Design rener plates are manufactured using Special Casting & CNC technology to provide the maximum uniformity in the rening zone. PARASON Variable Rib Design rener plates are manufactured with special cast technology to provide uniform hardness throughout. The plates wear uniformly. - Suitable for mixed furnish Rening. - Normally long ber & short ber need to rene separately with different bar patterns as per required SEL & CEL. - The VRD design is made to deal with mixed furnish. - The peripheral velocity for long ber zone is little lower than HW zone which is need for respective furnish. - The retention time for long ber is higher than short ber. - The rib height for long bre zone is higher & smaller for short ber zone to give desired refining effect. - This design ensures the minimum shortening or damage to the ber which give better strength in the paper with higher breaking length. - There is base taper in the disc for better throughput 8 optimization of hydraulic capacity of disc. - SAS design offers close control over cutting angle of rener disc. Special Features - Inlet Coarse Bar Pattern - Outlet Fine Bar Pattern - Base Taper - No Breaker bar - SAS Design - No Dam - Inclined Parting Line - Between 2 Zones Advantages - High Fibrillation - Power Saving /T/oSR - High Throughput - No Collar Formation - Less Fiber Cuting - No Plate Clashing - B2B MarketPlace

Cotton Fiber Fillings - Paper Machine PARASON cast and duly machined llings are available for all models of conical reners suitable for Jordan 1R,2R,3R, Jones, Fibre master etc. These single piece cast llings with a precision grinding of sharp edges ensures maximum wear to optimize life and performance. Fillings are built with special treatment for long-lasting services. PARASON manufactures Clain llings for every model like 101, 202, 303, F9 reners. The llings are cast stainless steel offering superior performance in the development of ber, long life of the llings ensuring better economy. - B2B MarketPlace

Screen Baskets Some important activities of Parason Low Pulse Screen.Cleaning Efficiency - Computer controlled manufacturing process ensures high profile accuracy.Rigid Construction - The special profile ensures smooth and burr free basket. Uniform Flow - Flow in profile edge creates more turbulence, improving throughput and cleaning efficiency. - B2B MarketPlace

SLOTTED BASKETS As a leader in stock preparation equipment manufacturing, Parason has been developing proiled wedge bar basket from last 25 years. Parason baskets eficiently remove dirt, specks & stickies to improve properties like cleanliness, strength, brightness, whiteness and printability of paper. Applications Parason screen baskets are developed for use in stock preparation, as well as broke system, pulp mill, and approach i,ow screening for Parason screens and for all existing non Parason screens and associated rotor combinations of other manufactures. Constant advances in our manufacturing methods yield the highest precision in different Slotted designs and roundness of the screen baskets. Each screen goes through hard-chrome process for wear resistance quality.



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