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We are manufacturer & supplier of urological products.

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Urology Chair is specially developed for urodynamic studies & patient examination & small endoscopic procedures. Features : . Fully automatic height, back & seat movement by electric actuators. . Provision for fitting of mictuation sensor & pressure sensors. . Knee support for endoscopic examination. . Radiolucent back & seat for video urodynamic studies. Specifications : . Minimum Height 800mm . Maximum Height1100 mm . Seat 520mm x 400mm . Back520mm x1000mm . Hand Rest (Grip ) . Funnel for Urine Flow . Knee crunches for Lithotomy position . Pressure Sensor Bracket - B2B MarketPlace

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Calculiclast Workstation is complete uretric stone fragmentation system assembled on ergomically designed trolley. . It consists of Calculiclast (Pneumatic Lithotripter) . Compressor . Powder coated plastic & metal trolley with stations for Calculiclast & other related endoscopic devices. Optional : Preci-vac - A precision suction generator which works on ventury principal. Automatic Pinch Valve - For synchronized suction along with blast in PCNL procedure. Hydromat – A peristaltic irrigation pump for controlled uretic irrigation of liquid.


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