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This single line encapsulates the successful journey of Acme Universal Safezone 9 Private Limited, over the past 25 years. Beginning in 1994, in the culturally rich city of Gwalior, the first challenge Acme faced was the lack of safety awareness in India. The demand-supply matrix simply did not exist for safety shoes. Over the years, Acme has not just addressed this imbalance, but through its pioneering efforts, played a major part in building the industry itself, thus, becoming the leading safety shoes company in the country. Today ACME has a production capacity of 4,000,000 pairs per annum, the HIGHEST in India, staking its claim as the finest safety shoes manufacturer in India. Right since the start, we have continued to break new ground with innovative offerings and over the past decade have expanded to six different locations manufacturing industry-based safety footwear, being headquartered in Mumbai.

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Acme safety shop – Buy industrial and safety shoes for men and women online along with a variety of rainwear and other accessories at affordable costs.


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